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Bring your favorite characters to life as epic HERO’s

You’ll be the gods of this game. Bring your favorite characters to life as epic HERO’s. Any kind or spices will do! Move them around using card lengths and find cover behind the crazy things and everyday stuff the map is built from. SHOOT first, think later. When you die, and you will, respawn and get the job done! Eternal nightmare of slaughter and painful disappointments – just the way you love it.

Build a map out of anything!

Create the map out of anything you have at hand, using small objects, books, cups, toys, anything goes! Play SHOOT anywhere, indoors or outside, on a dining table, a desktop or coffee table, even a big potted plant will do. Turn your aunt’s tea party into a battlefield or arrange your messy coffee table to become a brain dead slaughterhouse.

A full blown splatter experience

SHOOT delivers a full blown splatter experience as you capture the flag and win the game. There’s a gadget waiting for you around the corner, let’s hope it’s the right one. One thing’s for sure, this crappy weapon won’t get you through the night…..better find another one fast!

Learn SHOOT in 10 minutes!

Sit back, watch the video and have a coffee – in 10 minutes you’ll be up and running!

Tons of blood, less rules – more fun!

Violence shouldn’t be this much fun, but it is…. it just is. Share a ton of bloody fun with your friends.